About us

Minchem International is a Himalayan salt manufacturing company known for providing premium quality Himalayan salt in a variety of grades that are created and processed in the most cutting-edge and modern method, supplying globally since 2015. We are the top manufacturer, exporter and supplier meeting the demand of the market effectively because of our well-organized, well-planned strategies and practices with rigorous quality assurance. We offer vast variety of Himalayan salt including Edible salt, Shelf ready edible, Culinary, Natural Himalayan salt lamps, animal lick, tiles and blocks, Spa and wellness, USB lamps and customized categories as well as custom packaging to meet the needs of the customer.

Himalayan salt is a mineral rich salt that has a pinkish hue. Its pink color comes from the presence of iron and potassium. It also contains over 84 different minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and iodine. These minerals are not found in most table salt so Himalayan salt is a much healthier option than regular table salt.
Apart from its inclusiveness in ethnic food and organic diet, Himalayan Salt has enormous benefits due to its mineral composition that;
– Helps to regulate blood pressure
– Detoxifies the body
– Supports healthy immune system function
– Promotes better sleep
– Maintains healthy skin.

Furthermore, Himalayan salt can also be used in non-dietary purposes as the salt therapy in spa and wellness centers, for decoration, and for some industrial processes.

Minchem International is dedicated to creating a sustainable eco-system of Himalayan salt products to ensure a higher standard of living, environmentally friendly practices, and social and psychological well-being. At our facilities, these products are being processed through advanced technical equipment with rigorous quality assurance. Our professional team members having high expertise do not compromise on lower grade and quality hence take all the precautions for quality check.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading Himalayan salt company that seeks to take lead in providing the finest and high-quality Himalayan salt products to its customers worldwide.

Our Vision

To provide the best value with sustainable Himalayan salt products that enhance quality of living.