Aug 30

Himalayan salt lamps have become more and more popular in recent years, and you can find them in spas and the portfolios of interior designers. Are you puzzled by the word Himalayan? Of course, Himalayan pink salt is now used for more than just finishing off meals and taking calming baths. The extremely popular pink Himalayan salt chunks make up these lamps. The lamp emits a reddish-pink light that creates a cozy and beautiful atmosphere when it is connected to a power source or battery. The salt has a carved-out core where a light bulb or heat source can be placed.

A form of salt rock crystal known as pink Himalayan salt is extracted from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan, which are close to the Himalayan Mountain range. According to legend, the Himalayan salt’s pink color is caused by its high mineral content. They are affordable and simple to locate for use in the house. One method that pink Himalayan salt lamps are supposed to function is by the release of negative ions into the air, a process known as air ionization. Other studies suggest that pollutants and toxins in the air are brought to the surface of the rock by liquid water. Only pure vapor remains in the atmosphere after the toxins settle on the rock.

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